Santa and the Secret Place

December 20, 2020 As a kid, we looked forward to going to downtown Columbus, Georgia, at Christmas time to see the beautiful window displays, but more importantly, to see Santa Claus. According to my parents, the only real Santa was in Kirven’s Department Store. The other Santas around town, including the one at the newContinue reading “Santa and the Secret Place”

An 11-Year-Old Attempts to Impress Girls

December 9, 2020 When I was 11 years old, my parents got a new ironing board. I painted a Frankenstein monster on said ironing board box. I proceeded to cut out eyes and slid the box all the way down to my ankles. I had a phenomenal plan! I would walk down to Tracie Vasquez’sContinue reading “An 11-Year-Old Attempts to Impress Girls”

The Worst Christmas Ever!

As a kid, growing up in Columbus, Georgia. I remember buying a Christmas Tree each year and decorating it together. We have continued that tradition in our own family. It brings back warm memories. I even flashback to visiting a friend’s house. They had this silver monstrosity that was lit up by a color wheel.Continue reading “The Worst Christmas Ever!”

The Ghost of Halloween Past

October 30, 2020 As a kid growing up in the late 60s and early 70s, there were three holidays that were kid-centric, Christmas, Valentine’s Day (I will save the Columbus, Georgia tradition of “throwing valentines” for another post), and of course, Halloween. Some kids liked putting together models of cars. I was the strange macabreContinue reading “The Ghost of Halloween Past”

Visitin’ with Kinfolk

I was raised in Columbus, Georgia but moved away when I was 14 years old. I now reside in Southern California. Life here is sort of surfer casual yet a far cry from the warm, family charm of southern hospitality. This entry is best read in a slow, distinctive, Georgia accent. Visitin’ time was dividedContinue reading “Visitin’ with Kinfolk”

Sundays After Church in Columbus, Georgia

I felt ready. I had faced down this foe many a time but continued to falter. In Columbus, Georgia, the two brick-red pillars in front of the house at 1553 15th Ave. were something I determined to conquer. I do not remember when I finally landed that leap, but I know after many failed attempts,Continue reading “Sundays After Church in Columbus, Georgia”