Dream Big

Dream Big

I have been fired from at least three jobs for the sin (error) of being insubordinate. I wear that badge with honor. As a senior in high school I was promoted to crew chief which was just a little less than being an assistant manager McDonald’s and a lot less in pay.I had just experienced a real revival of my faith. Much like what’s happening in me right now. I asked not to be scheduled on Sundays and It was agreed-upon. But There was one assistant manager who was a slight bit obstinate and liked to push my buttons. She scheduled me for a Sunday morning. I, gently reminded her that we had agreed not to do that.When I did not show up that afternoon, I was fired but, I asked to continue to work my normal shift. I compled. It was not about the job or the person it was about point. I need to say we’re not the point of my rights. Nothing has been shown misconstrued in the evangelical churches in the last four years as the term “my rights“, with that assertion churches have met together, and totally misrepresent Jesus.

My second termination was the first year of my short lived teaching career. History standards for six graders in California are surprising. You can study the ancient Romans, to the cultural religion in Peru, I met at the students in line for lunch after lunch and I was wearing a black leather jacket, in Indiana Jones hat, and had a lantern in my hand. I paraded them around schoolyard and in and out of hallways. The lesson was wonderful. The kids had all brought in shoeboxes and then layered with different items. My last firing was technically a resignation. I am officially with retiring. I hold the termination up with honor, only because my heroes Jesus, youth pastors everywhere, and my The technical reason for my dismissal was insubordination: insubordination[noun]the quality or condition of being insubordinate, or of being disobedient to authority; defiance:”The employee was fired for insubordination.”

The course of the last eight years I have faced oceans, but not in so deep as the one I have been in during the last 2 1/2 years. A new complication arose last Sunday. I had some some type of seizure which threw me into a very strange alternate reality. If you take me out to strawberry pie or apple pie with cheese on it I’ll tell you about it. Trust me, you don’t wanna go there…. So, what does retirement mean for a person of limited means who loves to encourage others? I will continue to do just what I I have been doing. I will spend time with people and invest in them. Mentoring has become a passion. I will also finally get around to publishing my book. If anyone would like to read stories about my childhood and college years you’ll find something intriguing or maybe even emotional in the words.I am looking forward to a more relaxed pace. When the stroke first occurred we called it pre-retirement training. Now I’m calling it pre-retirement 2.0. Now 3.0. Come, take me for out apple pie or a margarita. God is good.

Dream big.

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