The Wedding

Matt and Sheryl Nelson are great friends from Seattle, Washington. They grew up in the same church that I did, Christian life Church in Long Beach, California. There is a steeple there that overlooks the 405 freeway. It is quietly known as “our mother Mary, the mother of God. This wedding was a huge affair. Probably the most significant wedding that I’ve ever been to, and I have been called on to conduct a lot! Matt was the student body president. Brilliant, compassionate, and super intellectual. He handled himself with an even keel, using those gifts to become a psychology professor at Northwest University. His fiancé, Sheryl, is absolutely the girl-next-door. She’s beautiful, well-dressed, and shares the heart of Jesus. She will go out of her way to make sure you feel special. Matt and Cheryl asked me to be in their wedding. I was honored. I’m sure in retrospect they wish I had not been in the wedding. I apparently locked my knees and fainted! I received more applause in the newly married couple when I came back into the auditorium. When I got fired from a job I was not suited for, Sheryl put her arm around me and prayed. I have been praying for months for that job to go away! The Bible says the prayer of a righteous person accomplishes much, and that is Sheryl Ganskie Nelson.

I guess I told that story to say simply, attitude adjustments help bring out moments of joy. I’m not gonna fret if something didn’t get done around the house or at work. Things will get done officially in the allowed time. It’s unnecessary to leave five hours of unproductive time when you can spend the same amount developing your craft. Anxiety is the polar opposite of hope. Jesus said he would send a helper who would bring us closer to him and bring us peace. He described the Holy Spirit has, looking like a dove as the heavens split wide open. I don’t know about you, but I could really use a thunder crack in my life and see how it opened with Jesus in all his glory returning to take us to heaven to be with Him forever.

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